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District To be advised.
For all East Herts District Council issues call 01279 655261 or visit www.eastherts.gov.uk

County Our Hertfordshire County Councillor is Mr. Ken Crofton and you can contact him at ken.crofton@hertfordshire.gov.uk or by telephone on 07876 858684.

Our Member of Parliament is Sir Oliver Heald QC MP and you can contact him at oliver.heald.mp@parliament.uk or by telephone on 01462 486074.

Sir Oliver Heald holds surgeries in The Nigel Poulton Community Hall throughout the year.

Details of all Sir Oliver Heald's surgeries are on his website. http://www.oliverheald.com

European Our Member of the European Parliament is Mr. Christopher Beazley and you can contact him at cbeazley@europarl.int or by telephone on 01920 463064.