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The Parish News is a free newsletter produced by the churches in the benefice of the Parishes of Bramfield, Stapleford, Waterford and Watton-at-Stone (including Whempstead) for distribution to the residents of those 5 communities. Distribution is on a monthly basis, with the exception of the July / August and the December / January issues which are each combined into one, making 10 issues a year.

In addition to information about the churches and their activities, the bulk of the Parish News comprises articles written by various groups and individuals who want to publicize something or report on a particular event or subject. In particular, the Parish Councils and clubs use the Parish News to keep people up to date with current and upcoming events, etc.

Also, the Watton-at-Stone Sports and Social Club includes its 2-page newsletter in the Parish News to let readers know what sports are available in the village and to give the sports clubs an opportunity to report on their activities.

Apart from the editorial content, the Parish News also carries a large number of adverts for pubs, shops and services, etc. There is a charge for the entry of such 'commercial' adverts.

Because of its wide distribution locally, the Parish News is often used as an efficient and economical method of getting 'inserts' (e.g. single-page notices or adverts for local events) to as many people as possible.

The Parish News is managed by an Editorial Team comprising representatives from each of the 4 Parishes in the benefice. The representative for Watton-at- Stone is Ian Knight.

If you have items for inclusion in the Parish News, contact your village rep or send an email to parish-news@tiscali.co.uk. Please note that items must be received by the 12th day of the preceding month.

If you want to place an advert, please contact Ian Knight on 01920 830448 or at iknght@ntlworld.com