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The purpose of this section is to give local groups, clubs and organizations an additional way of advertising (free of charge) a forthcoming event taking place within the parish of Watton-at-Stone.

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NEWS articles

  • Watton-at-Stone Parish Council's response to the District Plan - Response
  • Check out new Sports Acticities at the Nigel Poulton Community Hall - see Sports section on this website
  • Hertfordshire County Council - 'Rogue Trader' awareness article - HCC article on Rogue Traders.pdf
  • Traffic/Parking problems in Watton-at-stone - See 6-page attachment outlining the proposals
  • Forever Active POSTER - Come join in the activities at the Nigel Poulton Community Hall
  • Village Library - Village-Library webpage
  • Would you like to help to broaden the use of The Nigel Poulton Community Hall?

  • Hertfordshire County Council

    Can you help us stop 'Rogue Traders' targeting vulnerable people in Hertfordshire?

    See Hertfordshire County Council's article on 'Rogue Traders’.

    Hertfordshire County Council has also produced this You Tube video.




    Until a new terminating platform has been built at Stevenage by network rail (originally due for completion by December 2018) Govia great northern services will only be able to run between watton-at-stone and Moorgate.

    Rail replacement bus services will run (a) direct from Hertford north to Stevenage and (b) from watton-at-stone to Stevenage when it is not possible to run trains to Stevenage.

    A very limited train service will operate beyond watton-at-stone to Stevenage or Letchworth garden city during early mornings, late evenings and Sundays.


    A number of residents have contacted us regarding the future of our train services, following a consultation document issued by Govia/Thameslink/Great Northern.

    Contrary to the position set out in leaflets left at the Station recently, there is no plan to close Watton-at-Stone station in May 2018. Having spoken to Herts County Council, our understanding of the consultation document and in particular pages 65-67 is as follows:

  • From May 2018 the off peak service from Watton-at-Stone to London will increase from the current one an hour to two an hour, all day and every day (including weekends).
  • A new terminating platform is to be built at Stevenage, enabling trains from Hertford/Watton-at-Stone to terminate there and run back through our village. Unfortunately work on this new platform will not be completed by the time the May 2018 timetable is introduced. Therefore, trains coming from London via Watton-at-Stone to Stevenage will from May 2018 terminate at Watton-at-Stone, and the return service will start at Watton.
  • There will be two replacement bus services until the terminating platform is built at Stevenage, one running from Watton-at-Stone to Stevenage and return, the other from Hertford to Stevenage and return.
  • Your councillors will keep the pressure on Network Rail to construct the terminating platform at Stevenage as a priority. Once built, our understanding is that the service through to Stevenage will be reintroduced.

    Many of you will have noticed that Network Rail have installed new cross over points south of Hertford North station, as well as at Waterford and at Bragbury End, which we believe are in anticipation of all these changes.

    It is recognised that the use of replacement buses on the Watton-at-Stone to Stevenage section of the line will be inconvenient for regular users of that section but in the longer term we can all look forward to an overall improvement in the service, which will also the introduction of new rolling stock to replace our current Type 313 units which have been in service for more than 30 years.

    The full consultation can be found at: www.thameslinkrailway.com/your-journey/timetable-consultation

    Mike Smith - Chairman, Watton-at-Stone Parish Council

    Mike Freeman - East Herts District Councillor for Watton-at-Stone

    HCC’s "Final Proposals" to help to resolve the current traffic /on-street parking problems in Station Road and the High Street

    See 6-page attachment outlining the proposals

    Forever Active

    Forever Active POSTER - Come join in the activities at the Nigel Poulton Community Hall

    Village Library - Opening times and books available

    Visit our new page on this website Village-Library, which includes opening times and a list of the books available to borrow.

    Would you like to help to broaden the use of The Nigel Poulton Community Hall?

    The Nigel Poulton Community Hall is an important facility for the community of Watton-at-Stone and its surrounding villages and as such the Board of Trustees and the Parish Council would like to see it more widely used.

    The building was erected to replace the old wooden pavilion that was on the site and during the 20 years since has provided the village with sporting facilities and a place for local people to host a range of events, clubs and social occasions.

    Although the building is relatively well-used in the evenings and at the weekends, in recent years bookings in the daytime have become less frequent and the main hall (generally used for sporting activities) is rarely used. With this in mind the Trustees have been tasked with investigating ways of expanding the appeal of the overall facility and increasing its occupancy.

    The Trustees and the Parish Council are very keen to make the building into more of a community hub and thus benefit a wider range of users/parishioners.

    As part of the initial investigations, thought is being given to things such as the types of activities we should consider, how the available space could be made more flexible to cater for a wide range of uses, opening it up to the public and not just for hirings (an example of this is how the Meeting Room is now also being used as a public library which is open on Thursdays) and could other groups be encouraged to use the facilities.

    The time and effort needed to develop these ideas is an additional load on the Trustees and Parish Councillors so without the help of the wider community it could take considerably longer than hoped to realise the objectives. So, if a few people volunteered to form a 'Friends of the Community Hall' group to work with us, we could more easily take these and other ideas forward.

    If you are interested in becoming a 'Friend of the Community Hall', then please do get in touch with Jane Allsop (Parish Clerk) by email at clerk@watton-pc.org.uk or by phone on 01920 830330.

    You are also very welcome to contact any of the following Trustees for further information:

    Mr. John Meischke (Chairman) 01920 830243
    Mr. Ian Knight 01920 830448
    Mr. David Stock 01920 830875
    Dr. Emma Waltham 01920 421513