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The The Nigel Poulton Community Hall is located on the sports field adjacent to School Lane and was built in 1996 to replace the wooden-Pavilion that had stood on the site for many years.

In replacing the old Pavilion, the Parish Council took the opportunity to construct a building that would give the Parishioners of Watton-at-Stone easy access to a modern and comfortable centrally-heated facility that enabled the pursuit of sporting and recreational activities all year round.

Although the project to construct the Community Hall was driven by the Parish Council, the costs were met by grants from Fairview New Homes, East Hertfordshire District Council, the Lottery Sports Fund and the Football Association.

The Parish Council owns the building and it is managed, as a charity, by a Board of Trustees. To ensure that the Community Hall is used to serve the whole community, and not just to satisfy the needs of any 'special interest' groups, the Trustees must be serving members of the Parish Council.

Originally, the building was called the Watton-at-Stone Community Hall but it was renamed in 2014. This was soon after the sad and untimely death of Nigel Poulton and the Board of Trustees together with the Parish Council decided to rename the building in his memory. Nigel was a much-respected active member of our community and had been so for as long as most people can remember, and he cared for it greatly. He was always involved in all aspects of Parish life and seemed to be permanently on-hand to provide help and advice to anyone when it was needed. He also served our community well as a long-standing member of both the District Council (1983-2012) and the Parish Council (1976-2012), and in doing so his tireless efforts brought numerous benefits to our Parish. One of which was this Community Hall.

The building comprises 5 main areas, namely the Main Hall, Meeting Room, Pavilion, Kitchen and Changing Rooms. (with showers)

If you are interested in hiring any part of the Community Hall, why not come and have a look around? You will be very welcome to do so. But please note that you must be 21 or over to hire any part of the building, although it can be used by younger people under the supervision of an adult.