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Neighbourhood Watch was re-launched in Watton-at-Stone in 2006 with immediate success and during the past three years it has grown to cover most of the village. More co-ordinators are in the pipe line to ensure an even greater coverage is achieved.

Each road or area is covered by one or more local co-ordinators who receive information direct from the police or the village co-ordinator, via the police Owl system. Where appropriate, this information is passed on to householders within their area, either by e-mail or a note through the door.

The Owl system is run throughout Hertfordshire by the police force and messages are received by us via e-mail or telephone.

Local co-ordinators can also keep a log of incidents in their area and pass information that they have received on to the police, again via the Owl system.

In Watton-at-Stone we have two main direct contacts with the local Police Force, namely our:

Our village Neighbourhood Watch Co-ordinator is Helen McCash, who you can contact by telephone on 01920 830665 or via e-mail at helen_mccash@hotmail.com

If you would like further information on Neighbourhood Watch, please donít hesitate to contact Helen.

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